All of our shows have workshops available to be booked alongside them, based around the themes of each show. These vary from group creative sessions (or ‘Big Builds’) – including making brand new sea creatures from recycled materials, and creating maps of strange imagined worlds – to smaller group sessions focussing on talking through our stories, building on themes and characters, and creating brand new stories and adventures with participants.

We offer a large variety of fun and fantastical workshops for our young audiences, from making stories, creating their own new creatures, packing for an adventure and making cardboard armour and having a parade! We can tailor workshops to include specific goals such as confidence-building, encouraging imaginative play and curriculum support.

We will take you through our methods of creating theatre and stories from scratch. Within the workshops you can come and experiment with form and content, and start to create your own piece of theatre using the playful techniques of ‘Flossy and Boo’. Develop as an artist, gain confidence or simply find your feet in a new way of working. Ideal for Theatre industry practice with Universities and professional creatives.

If you are interested in a workshop either attached to a show or as a stand alone project please don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking here