The Legendary Adventure of Litla the Brave (Currently in development)

As the wild wind howls and the dark trees creak, little Litla sets out for the empty house at the edge of the forest, determined to find what she has lost.

It’s all gone wrong. And Litla’s parents aren’t helping – they’re much too busy being incredibly clever world famous botanists. And so its up to Litla, armed with a backpack full of her most useful items, to sort it all out before its too late.
Join Litla as she encounters a questionably French chef, some very odd socks, and a rather bored and gloopy mermaid, in a race against time to save her friend.

A deliciously dark and funny tale of love, loss and mad botanical experiments – Flossy and Boo bring their own magical brand of storytelling to this family show. With puppetry, music and outrageous characters, this is a show that bubbles over with imagination.

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Litla (140 of 151) Litla (149 of 151)